Computer Tune-up Service

Does your computer run slowly or does your computer crash at irregular intervals. Do you have software problems or errors?

Your computer will run better if it gets regular maintenance, however, most people are unaware or wait until their computer fails before proceeding with such a task, our PC Tune Up service helps prevent and fix computer problems.

Our Technicians can clean up your computer, delete unnecessary files, update existing software and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in the best condition possible.

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Our PC Tune Up Service Includes

Full Virus & Malware Scan

Update System Security

‚ÄčInstall Windows & required software patches

Windows Start-up Optimisation


Hard disc check & optimisation

Clear Unwanted and unused files/folders/programs

Update Windows Files

Update Drivers


How long will the service take?

If you bring it in or we Pick-Up the service takes between 8 & 24hrs.

Will the service increase my computers performance?

Yes, but the level of increase may vary from computer to computer

Let Us Perform a Health & Optimisation Check To Identify What The Issue Is!

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